Using Intuition to Manifest Your Dreams

by Diana Rankin on August 30, 2017

There are four stages to manifesting that which we want—intention, action, surrender, and action after surrender. Whether the dream is a small desire or the large dream of creating your future, the steps are the same. With each stage, intuition and gratitude are vitally important.

To illustrate each step, here’s a story of how I manifested solar eclipse glasses when every library, store, and observatory were out.

The backstory: When I first thought about the eclipse, I planned on watching in my back yard. I’ve cut a labyrinth (a sacred walk) out of wildflowers in the meadow. The labyrinth felt like a perfect place to observe the feminine moon energy mixing with the masculine sun energy. My plan was to pick up glasses at the library but the library didn’t have any the first time I asked and then the next time I asked they were out. Thus, began my search, with only a couple weeks left before the eclipse.

I called every library within an hour drive, went to every store that sold the glasses, and called the nearest observatories. No one had any glasses. At that time, I decided I would attend the solar eclipse party at the library rather than in my back yard. I was okay with that but something felt off.

The Friday before the eclipse, my neighbor and I were off to exercise class. On the drive, we talked about the eclipse, of how as a cancer survivor and being of a certain age, this might be her last chance to see such a natural phenomenon. She wanted to observe the eclipse but didn’t have the required glasses. I told her of my plan to attend the library party. She was reluctant but agreed that if she were up to it she would go to the library party with me. She’s let me know Monday morning, the day of the eclipse.

I became determined that if any glasses were available I’d find them so my neighbor could enjoy seeing the eclipse in the peace and privacy of her backyard.

Intention: The first step of creating that which we want is intention. Our intention must be clear. While working to clarify our intention, our intuition kicks in to let us know when that intention is clear to Spirit. It’s one of those quiet and subtle ah-ha moments.  Everything seems to click into place.

My intention was to find two pairs of solar eclipse glasses over the weekend.

Action: We must do the work. This may be visualization, prayer, phone calls, and any and all other action that is needed. Our intuition leads us to the appropriate action that needs to be taken. In my story, my intuition led me back to something I hadn’t thought about in years—Hazel’s Angels.

Once I took the action of calling several of the places that said they might get more glasses in, I called in Hazel’s Angels.

Backstory: In the 1990s, I met Hazel at Jean Houston’s New York Mystery School. During World War II, Hazel called in angels to aid soldiers. Once the war ended, she would explain, the angels were out of work. “Call on my angels when you need help,” she often said. “They like to be kept busy.”

I hadn’t thought about Hazel’s Angels for years until a few weeks prior to needing to call on them for help finding the glasses. It was while traveling to exercise class a few weeks prior that I told my neighbor the story of Hazel’s Angels. At that time it didn’t dawn on me why I remembered Hazel’s Angels but I knew I needed to tell the story. My intuition prompted me to do so. As it turned out, Hazel’s Angels helped to manifest those solar glasses we needed.

Surrender: This is the hardest step for most of us, especially Americans. Our culture is one of independence and expecting rewards for what we do. Yet, without surrendering to the divine process to allow it to work through us, we will butt our heads against the wall and get nowhere. We must use our intuition to know when to keep pushing and when to let go and let Spirit take over. This is an absolutely needed step in the process. We must truly surrender and trust, having faith in ourselves and Spirit that all will turn out as it is to turn out.

Once I asked Hazel’s Angels for help and said a prayer of gratitude, I let it all go. If the glasses were to come, I would be led to them. If not, then there’s a reason. Perhaps, my neighbor and I were supposed to attend the party at the library. Perhaps, I was to attend alone. Perhaps we weren’t to see the eclipse. I even thought that perhaps I should have been more diligent or started earlier to look for the glasses but if I had found one pair I’d still be looking for the second pair. No, all was unfolding in divine right order. I just needed to trust the process, stay in gratitude for the glasses or whatever outcome was to come—and trust my intuition that I’d know what action to take and when to take it.

Action after surrender: Here’s where we really have to pay attention to our intuition, those still, small nudges that turn us in the direction we need to go and ask us to take the action we need to take to manifest our dream. This crucial step is often missed or misunderstood. If we move too quickly, we may miss the opportunity that is yet to come but if we wait too long we may miss the opportunity altogether. If we have not surrendered, we will become anxious and not hear our intuition when it whispers what step to take.

In this stage of manifesting, we must continue to stay in gratitude even if we haven’t yet seen the outcome we desire. We have held gratitude with each step—thanks for helping me clarify my intention, thanks for guiding me to what action to take; thanks for helping me surrender—but here without gratitude, we will miss the gifts that come with our dream and the bigger gift of knowing we have manifested that which we desire.

The Saturday morning before the eclipse I felt the need to get to my computer to write the blog, “Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul?” for my weekly newsletter. It has been a harrowing week. The time scheduled and rescheduled to write the blog was interrupted with the needs of clients and friends. The energy leading up to the eclipse was strong and people were in crisis. By Saturday morning, there was no time left. The newsletter was set to go out that day.

Even with the deadline looming, I nonetheless opened Facebook as I sipped my first cup of tea. It wasn’t something I did with thought. It was more my fingers pressed that key on the keyboard. Funny how intuition works sometimes. The first post that popped up was from my niece, Lori. She had extra solar eclipse glasses. Did anyone want a pair? I posted immediately, and then I took the next action.

“Text her,” I heard my inner voice say. And that’s exactly what I did.

Sunday I drove over to see her. She gifted me with two pairs of solar eclipse glasses and we had a lovely lunch together. It’s rare for me to have lunch with any of my nieces alone. They’re busy with their lives and me with mine so usually it’s the whole family of four nieces and their families when I see them. It was a treat to spend a little time alone with one of them. This gift of the glasses was bigger than just the glasses. It always is.

My neighbor was so happy that she was going to be able to see the eclipse and to watch it without getting in the crowds. Her pleasure pleased my heart deeply. I was also happy that I could stay on the sacred land where I live to view the eclipse.

Most of all though, was how excited I was to have successfully manifested the glasses. Gratitude poured from me for everyone—my niece, Spirit, my neighbor for creating the need for the manifestation, and of course Hazel’s Angels.


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