Use Intuition to Find Lost Objects

by Diana Rankin on October 14, 2015

I keep a red folder on my desktop marked, “Today.” It’s the folder where at the end of the day I put everything that will need attention tomorrow—clients’ names and phone numbers, writing deadlines, and even checks that need to be taken to the bank.

This is a pretty important folder, so I was especially upset when I came into my office one morning and the folder wasn’t there. Fortunately my calendar was handy, so I could recreate what needed to be done that day, but there was no recreating a check from a bookstore for sales of my books. The last thing I wanted to do was to call the owner and confess that I had lost the check.

I went through everything again and again. No red folder. There weren’t that many piles of papers on my desktop. I had just cleaned up paperwork the night before and put everything away, including storing some files in the closet to be looked at later. I had left my office that night thinking that everything felt organized and neat, so I could start fresh in the morning.

But when morning came my Today folder was missing. I was starting to get really anxious, I mean really, really anxious when I looked at what time it was. I had promised a friend I’d meet her for lunch, and I was running out of time. I had no choice but to walk away.

I told myself that the folder would show up, that I’d search again when I got home. It wouldn’t do any good to worry about it now. There wasn’t anything I could do, so I let it go and relaxed, and allowed myself to enjoy the drive to the restaurant. On the way, I had the thought that I should look in the closet. That thought flit through my mind as quick as a finch fleeing the overhead wires when a hawk shows up, but I paid attention. As soon as I arrived home, I looked in the closet, and . . . well, you guessed it. The red folder was lvying right on top of the stack of papers I had put away in the closet during my clean-up.

I’ve learned to take note of those quick, fleeting thoughts. That’s often how intuition works, a subtle, quick thought that solves a problem we’ve been working on, BUT only if we listen AND only after we’ve stepped away and taken a breath.

Try This

The next time you can’t find something, stop the frantic search. Take a few deep breaths and give yourself the suggestion that when you return from a walk/drive/errand/etc. you will know exactly where the object is. As you are returning, listen for that subtle voice that tells you where to look, and then trust your intuition and look, even if you’ve looked there before. It’s amazing how objects appear in places we’ve already searched. Maybe the faeries were hiding them and decided to return them.

© 2015 Diana Rankin

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