Use Intuition to Find a Lost Pet

by Diana Rankin on May 18, 2016

As an animal communicator, as well as a psychic medium, I feel a personal responsibility to helpShelties & Me find lost pets, especially since I’ve experienced a lost – and found – dog. Her name was Sienna. She was a sweet Sheltie (Shetland Sheep Dog).

The local shelter called to see if I would foster this little Sheltie who was so frightened that all she would do was cower in the corner. All indications were that she came from an Amish puppy mill and had either been turned out or had run away. She had recently been nursing, so most likely she had been turned out once the puppies had been separated and her usefulness was wearing down. She wasn’t a young dog, but may have had a few years left for breeding, so she might have run away to look for her pups. There’s no way of knowing.

What was clear was that she had no contact with humans or those she did have contact with were scary to her. It took a bit of work, but she and I bonded within a few hours. Within a few days, our bond was strong enough that she stayed by my side when we walked outside. At first, she was leashed, but after a few more weeks, I felt comfortable leaving her off leash while we were on at home. She always stayed near plus, she knew her new name and came when called, so the thought of her running away was not even on my mind. It should have been.

As long as she was on the land where we live, and I was near, she felt safe. It was when we went into town to buy her a new collar that we got into trouble. As we were getting out of the car, a big rig took off from the nearby traffic light and roared by with all the noise of an 18-wheeler gearing up the engine. Sienna’s eyes widened. She backed up. I leaned down to pick her up and my purse fell off my shoulder. She had had enough. She slipped out of her collar and took off.

It was seven months before we got her back home, but we did and intuition played a bit part. The following steps that I used to get Sienna home are the same ones I’ve used to help other 4-legged ones and their 2-legged parents reunite. These steps are in addition to doing all the practical things such as notifying the local animal shelter, putting up flyers, contacting an animal communicator, notifying all your neighbors, and so on.

  1. Create a pathway for the animal to follow home or a path to a 2-legged person who can help the animal find their way home. Here’s a link to the meditation I created:
  2. Spend time every day talking to the pet and visualize them in their favorite spot with you. Make your visualization as strong as possible by feeling their fur as you pet them, hear their voice, etc.
  3. Follow up on intuitive hunches. If you are out looking, and your intuition says turn left, turn left.
  4. Talk with the animal. Keep in mind animals have their own language, and they don’t read street signs. They can’t tell you the name of the street, but they will look around and show you what they can see through their eyes.
  5. Ask their angels and guides to keep them safe and help them find their way home. When Sienna was missing, I often saw her wrapped in the wings of an angel who stood over her.

If you are trying to help someone find their pet, give steps 1 – 3 to them along with the link to my “Meditation to Find Lost Pets”

Although this meditation also works for finding lost objects, my article, “Use Intuition to Find Lost Objects” is faster when looking for “lost” car keys or other objects:

Thank you for helping the lost ones find their way home.

© 2016 Diana Rankin


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    Chaitanya August 11, 2018 at 8:10 am

    Mam it was my first pet and she was small kitten her name was moh moh she was everything to me and my brother we are really missing her she is lost since 5 day we are crying because it my small heart that had also been for me when I have been stress she was giving me lots of happiness while doing that I have been very happy but now when she lost I'm missing her I want to tell her moh moh I love you plz don't leave me alone and go again I'm there always for you 


    Chaitanya August 11, 2018 at 8:15 am

    Mam please find 


    Ariana sullivan June 1, 2018 at 10:48 am

    Great job! That not easy what you are doing everyday!


    SHIRLEY ROGERS May 28, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Can you please help me find Penny?  SHE has been gone 5months. She is Australian  Shepherd and  Alaskan Malamute mix. I miss her more every day..  Please let me know what you would charge as I am on Disability and can't pay a lot.  Thank you,  Shirley Rogers 


    Kristin D. January 15, 2017 at 7:59 am

    Can you help me find my lost dog? It's been 3 months now. I don't know what else to do.

    Her name is Aigis (I-GIS), she's a 1 year old great pyrenees mix. She ran off from the person who was supposed to be watching her while I was out of town. I could not immediately return despite begging for my family and friends to give me a ride back. I finally returned after 3 more days, there was no sign of Aigis.

    I know she's alive, she has to be. I just want her back. I just want her back.


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