Strong Emotions Can Hurt Intuition

by Diana Rankin on June 8, 2016

Emotions can actually get in the way of receiving true and helpful information from our intuition. Both positive and negative emotions influence us and can affect how we perceive messages.

A highly charged emotional state, even a positive one, can give us misleading information. We Edenmay hear only that which we want to hear instead of tapping into the deeper intuitive self to hear the truth. For example, when we’re in that falling-in-love-stage, our deeper intuition may be telling us to walk away, but we’re not ready to hear that, so we have more difficulty access our intuition, or at least heeding its warning.  

Negative emotions are even more harmful to accessing our intuition. They can cause a complete failure in receptivity. When we’re upset about something and trying to find the right answer, it seldom comes through clearly if we’re caught in depression, anguish, anger, or any other negative emotion.

How do I and, other psychics and coaches, provide guidance that isn’t charged with emotional stuff? We’re human, so we’re not positive 24-7, but I, and hopefully others, will not read for clients when going through a highly charged emotional time in my life. I also do my best to stay upbeat. I personally don’t like being down, so I don’t stay in negative emotions any longer than needed to work through them. It’s also important to me that I’m in the right space when working with my clients. If I’m caught in a negative emotion, I must move through it, or put it aside, so I can be fully present for each client.

Here’s a little guidance that helps me and that I trust will help you too:

Recognize that while in an emotional state, intuition is difficult to access.

Often clients who are grieving heavily are distraught because the loved one hasn’t been in contact. The truth is that often the loved one has made contact, but our grief has not allowed us to recognize the messages.

Postpone any major decisions until you are in a calmer mindset.

We need to respect our emotional state. When in a highly charged emotional state, we may make a decision we’ll come to regret.

Take time to reflect

Reflection gives us time to heal from that which triggered the emotional state. If anger is overtaking us, a bit of reflection may help us to see that the situation that angered us is actually a blessing in disguise.

Spend time in meditation and prayer

Spend time in silence, allowing all emotion to leave and peace to come in, and breathe, just breathe. Pray to that Divine Spirit (by whatever name, God, Love, Universe) and allow the spirit of calm to come into you as you release the emotion to your Divine Source.

Recognize that you are experiencing an emotion, but you are not the emotion

We forget that we have a choice. We can at any time chose to experience another emotion and have a different experience. This is a difficult concept to understand while in the depths of an emotion, so contemplate this concept when not in a deep emotional state.

Honor the emotion

Too often we are in a hurry and stuff those emotions down, refusing to deal with them. All that does is numb us and cause depression. Honor the emotion by facing it and learning from it. Dialogue with it; ask the emotion what is beneath? How can it help you grow and learn? How can it help you improve your life?

Intuition is always trying to reach us, but we have to be receptive to hear and correctly interrupt the messages our higher self is sending. 

I hope this information has been helpful to you and that you won’t stop here. I’d like to help you take your life to that next level. Here’s where you can find me:; Awakening and on my YouTube channel.

Worry is one of the most harmful emotions to tapping into intuition. If you’re a worrier, here’s something you can try: click here.

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