Seven Ways to Awaken Your Intuition and Activate Your Psychic Powers

by Diana Rankin on March 30, 2015

J CampbellThis article, which has appeared in my newsletter, The Spiritual Path, and in other publications, is a good overview of some of the topics that are covered (or will be covered) in other articles. Be sure to read the more in-depth articles for more information on each way to develop intuition.

Developing your intuition is a healthy way to take charge of your life and use your own inner psychic powers to guide your life to greater happiness and fulfillment. Following are seven ways to awaken your intuition and activate your psychic powers. Each is designed to help you get past the brain patterns you've created with your normal thinking. These methods mix up your thinking process in order to help you reach deeper of your intuition and find your psychic powers.

1. Open to Spirit and develop an awareness of your own inner world through meditation, prayer, and a loving desire to live a life of service to all living beings and the planet. You'll be amazed at the richness and joy you'll experience as you tap into your inner world. Children are especially adept at exploring their inner worlds, so take your child-or your inner child-on an exploration of the wonders of meditation and deep prayer.

Begin with the intent that you wish to explore the place of love within you. Use a guided meditation CD, music, or meditative breathing. As relaxation spreads throughout your body, allow yourself to experience the love that you are, the truth of who you are. Begin deep prayer work by thanking Spirit for your life and that which is in your life, then relax and ask that it be revealed to you the ways you can be of service to life and live a greater, more expanded and exalted life.

2. Build up the pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres with easy-to-do crossover exercises. Cross the right hand over the front of your body and tap the left foot seven or eight times. Then, cross the left hand over the front of your body and tap the right foot seven or eight times. Repeat the exercises, but this time cross your hand over the back of your body.

Practice doing things with your non-dominate hand, such as opening doors, brushing your hair or teeth, or even writing. In addition to opening more pathways in your brain for intuition, you're also creating more brain power for problem solving and critical thinking skills.

3. Heighten the awareness of each of your five senses. Intuition may be called the sixth sense, but if our five senses are dull, we can't expect the sixth sense to be sharp. Our lives offer an endless playground for our five senses. Mix up your five senses. Begin by holding an object, any object, such as a stone or piece of cloth. Become intimate with that object. Look at it until you can see it with your eyes closed. Then ask yourself what the object tastes like.

 Use your imagination. You don't actually have to put the object into your mouth and taste it.

Once you've gone through all five senses, mix it up and ask yourself questions such as:

What color is the taste? or What does the object's sound feel like? Then go to the next level and ask yourself questions such as: If this object could speak, what wisdom about my life would it tell me?

4. Become aware of the whispers from Spirit by becoming more aware of life in each moment. Be open to receiving information and guidance to help make your life better. Nature is a wonderful teacher for intuition. Pay attention to the animals that cross your path and the winged ones who grab your attention. If you live in the center of the Midwest and a flock of seagulls dip and dive all around you, listen. Are they asking you to let go of your worries and soar with them?

Nature is alive with stone people, cloud people, tree people, and a myriad of others who speak to us all the time. We only need to listen.

5. Journal and dialogue with that which is greater than you: God, Goddess, a spirit guide, an angel, the highest self of someone you love and trust who has passed over. Choose a regular time to meet. Following morning meditation is ideal. Use your favorite blank journal, and just start writing, or if you're a visual learner, draw. It doesn't matter what you write, just write, or draw, and keep on going for about three pages. It usually takes about three pages to get pass the objections in your mind that keeps you from accessing your deeper nature.

You'll feel the shift, and once you do, write a question, then write the answer. Don't judge the answer as you write, just write down the words that come to you. This is a subtle process.

Don't expect shouts. Trust what comes. Later, go back and read what you wrote. You'll be amazed at the wisdom that comes through your inner world.

6. Play intuitive games with yourself and others. Before getting into line at the bank or market, ask yourself which line is the quickest. Gather a group of photographs of different people that are all the same size, turn them upside down, and then guess whose picture is on the other side of each photograph. Use your intuition to stay safe. I live in deer country. Every time I feel the deer near, I slow down. Sure enough, deer will be around the next corner or over the next hill.

7. Let go of control and surrender to that part of yourself that is connected to Spirit. None of us are in control of life, but we are in charge of our lives. We can choose to experience life to its fullest. Or not. We can choose to be grateful for what we have. Or not. We can choose to live a life of service to our own lives and to all humanity. Or not.

Trying to hold control is like trying to stop a river from flowing. Taking charge of your life is becoming the master of your own destiny, flowing with the river and laughing all the way, and allowing your intuition to guide you to a greater, more fulfilling life.

These steps to awaken to your deeper intuition and activate your psychic powers take time and practice. Be patient and loving with yourself. Tapping into your intuition comes in its own time, but comes only after you take the steps toward your own greater self.

© 2015 Diana Rankin;    

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