Love and Intuition

by Diana Rankin on March 31, 2016

What Does Love Have to Do with Intuition? A lot. Intuition comes from a place beyond rational Rumi, lovethinking; it comes from a place that is guided by an open heart.

To be fully open to our intuition, we need to be open to love. I’m not talking about romantic love, but something greater; I’m talking about love that transcends logical reasoning and allows us to tap into a higher consciousness.

How do we tap into this love?

Try This

We begin right where we are by making a list of that which we love in our human lives. As we are writing this list, and then voicing it aloud, we begin to move into a state of love. As we take these simple steps, our hearts open, and as our hearts open, our awareness increases, which increases our ability to tap into our intuition.

©2015 Diana Rankin

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