Intuitive Messages from Nature

by Diana Rankin on July 25, 2016

One of the processes we do in my Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition weekend intensive workshop is, with a partner, go out into nature to receive a message for that partner. To receive a message, we first need:

  1. To be open to receive a message from nature,
  2. To be aware of what comes into Butterfly and thistleour vision,
  3. To be able to interrupt that message, and
  4. To trust our intuition.

The last one is the hardest. Learning to trust our intuition takes time and practice. It’s also helpful if you can find the right intuitive teacher to work with either individually or in a group. Be patient with yourself and keep learning and practicing.

The first three steps are easier. Begin by getting together with a friend to receive messages for each other. You can also use nature to receive messages for yourself. Being with a friend may be more fun though, plus you can give one another feedback. Another opinion can be helpful.

Set your intention that you are going to go for a walk in nature (a woods, park, etc.) to receive a message for your partner, and then tell yourself that you are open to receive. For example, you might say, “My intention is to receive a message for (your partner’s name) as we walk in nature. I open to receive this message with gratitude and joy. I ask for guidance to interpret this message appropriately.” If you work with a Spirit Guide, ask your guide to assist you.

You can do this same process inside using the objects in the room if it’s not possible to be out in nature.

As you walk through nature, open your awareness and listen carefully to your intuition. If you get a subtle sense that you are to stop, stop; to look up, look up; to take a deep breath, take a deep breath. What do you see, smell, hear, feel? Use all five physical senses as well as your intuition. What is it that you see/smell/hear? What captures your attention?

Once something – whether the tiniest of stones or a great cloud – has your attention, ask for the message, and then receive it. Here’s where you may need to dig deep into your intuition if the message isn’t clear. You can do so by asking yourself questions to interpret the message.  For example, I sit looking out a window when I’m reading for a client. If I see Red Tail Hawk swooping in front of my vision, I pay attention. While I’m talking to my client, another part of my mind is asking questions: What does Red Tail Hawk signify? Why did he fly by at this moment? What does this have to do with the client?

Red Tail Hawks are messengers, protectors, visionaries. They remind us to pay attention and bring us vision and creativity. The messages they bring will be different for each situation. For example, if I’m talking to someone about their life’s work, Red Tail Hawk may be saying the client needs to extend the vision for their life. Or, if we’re talking about difficulties in the client’s relationship, I might surmise that the message is that the marriage will be mended because Red Tail Hawk mates for life. 

It’s okay to ask your partner questions, including asking if the message has meaning for them or what the symbol means to them. We are all learning all the time, so be patient with yourself, have fun with receiving messages from nature, and stop expecting yourself to be perfect.

Here’s a video that you may find helpful when learning to receive messages from nature:

If any of you care to practice on me, I’m open to receiving messages from you that you received from nature for me. Leave a message in the Comments section below or in the Comments section below the video. I’d love to hear from you.

©2016 Diana Rankin

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