Intuition and the Gift of the Blue Feather

by Diana Rankin on June 15, 2015

Blue Jay feather

Our intuition rarely shouts. Instead, it communicates in a myriad of quiet ways. Learning those ways takes practice and patience. We may have been using intuition our whole lives, but when we consciously start developing intuition, we become more aware of the subtle clues and synchronicity that help guide our lives—when we pay attention.

When I consciously started developing my intuition whatever I needed to pay attention to glowed with a sparkly golden light. Sometimes the light was around a phrase in a book. At other times it was around objects, animals, birds, or even people. Whenever I saw that light I knew to pay attention. I also knew that I’d see the same light around the same words/object, etc. a second time within a day or two. That second time was the confirmation.

These days so many years later, I’ve learned to trust my intuition without the need for confirmation, but when I do get that second psychic push, believe me I’ve learned to not ignore it.

A few days ago, one of my clients asked me to tell her my blue feather story. At the time, I’d forgotten that I’d already written the story, which is about creating our lives and the law of attraction. I was thinking that I had only told the story at workshops, and I didn't want to take the time just then to write the story. My energy was being funneled toward finding new ways to reach more people by creating more speaking opportunities (hopefully paid ones), so I tried to temporarily put her request out of my mind. But it kept hounding me like my dog Daisy when she wants attention. I knew I had to do something so I said I’d write the blue feather story for the next blog. As soon as I committed to doing so, a second person asked me about my feather story.  (Ha! Love those confirmations!)

So, I was thinking about the story when I was mowing a few days later. As I got off the mower (Big John) to pick up sticks that were in the yard I bent down and right in front of me was a beautiful blue jay feather.  Talk about the law of attraction at work!

I hardly had the mowing finished when I was at the computer looking up the story, “The Blue Feather, Creating, and the Law of Attraction.” It made me laugh and cry (just a little) as I remembered Vicki’s story within my story and how Sesame, my cat, played such a pivotal role. It reminded me how difficult it seemed when I first started this journey and all the mistakes I've made along the way, and it reminded me that we are the creators of our lives (something I needed to be reminded of), but mostly it reminded me how very important intuition is in our lives.

I hope my blue feather story helps you on your journey as you develop your intuition.

Here’s the link; enjoy!

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