How to Use a Pendulum

by Diana Rankin on August 1, 2017

A pendulum is an intuitive tool that provides us with answers from our subconscious minds and even from the greater collective consciousness. Pendulums were used as both divination and dowsing instruments in ancient cultures, as far back as Egypt and Classical Greece.

Crystals or other sacred stones work quite well, although you can use anything in a pinch. If you look at the photo, you’ll see the two pendulums I use. The cone-shaped crystal was given to me by a teacher, Angel Gail, in the 1990s. The other one I made so both are special to me and hold a lot of my energy.

Here are the guidelines for using a pendulum:

  1. Hold a pendulum with the thumb and index finger of the right hand a few inches out in front of you.
  2. Clean the energy by passing the left hand down the chain and over the pendulum.  Visualize the pendulum being cleansed of any other energy. You might even say or think something such as, “I cleanse this pendulum.” Shake your hand to rid it of the energy, giving it to Mother Earth with a word of gratitude.
  3. Check the pendulum with your energy by saying, “Pendulum, show me yes.” For most people, the pendulum will move from front to back, away from you and back toward you, the same way we nod our heads.
  4. Cleanse the energy, and then ask, “Pendulum, show me no.” Usually, the pendulum will move from side to side, the same way we shake our heads when saying no.
  5. Now, ask a question. The question must be answerable with a yes or no and it must be clear. The clearer the question, the more accurate the answer.

Sometimes when we ask a question the pendulum makes a circle. This is an indication that the outcome is unclear, the question was unclear, or we need to take a breath and relax and not be tied to the answer. Reword the question and ask again.

  1. It’s always wise to ask the same question in a couple different ways. This way we can be certain the answer is reliable. If we get a different answer for the same question, even if worded differently, we need to clarify the question and ask it again.

For example, a question about money might be asked, “Will I receive a check before this week is over?” or “Will the money I’m expecting come to me this week?” or “Is money coming to me this week?”  or “Do I have to wait until next week for the check I’m expecting?” Or, if you are wondering about a new relationship, you might ask, “Is this person going to be in my life for a long time?” or “Is this my soulmate?” or “Is this a good person to consider for a life mate?”  or “Is this person as smitten as I am?” or “Is this a long-term relationship?” You get the idea.

If the pendulum doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. It may take several tries before the pendulum swings its magical answer your way. When it does you’ll be amazed and, like so many others, claim, “I didn’t move it. It’s moving on its own!”


©2016 Diana Rankin

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