Gaining Intuitive Wisdom from Nature

by Diana Rankin on July 20, 2015

Stone People 4 blogNature offers us many gifts, among them helping us develop our intuitive wisdom, and in turn, grow ourselves. All we have to do is ask . . . and then listen to the answer, which is what I did recently when I was lacking in patience. I turned to that which is the very definition of patience – a stone.  

In my backyard is a collection of large stones, boulders actually. They’ve been part of drummings and rituals, workshops and gatherings. Some are teaching tools, like the one with two faces so distinct we’d be hard pressed to not think of it as a being, a stone person. Some seem magical, like the stone that is held aloft by only two small points touching other stones. Some have names, like Diana’s Stone. That’s the one I went to.

Diana’s Stone, so named because it a large, flat platform, perfect for the orator that I am, but this day I was the listener, not the speaker. I sat on the stone, felt her smooth granite against my palms, felt her hard rock beneath me. I sat still, picked up my pen and journal to write Stone’s answer, and then I asked, “How do I cultivate the patience that you have.” And Stone answered.

“You slow down—observe, listen, watch.

“You open your heart to feel all that there is to feel, letting it pass over you like the wind passes over me. You accept the rain and the sun with equal measure for both are needed to give you the full understanding of life and of patience. With equal patience for both—the rain and the sun—you find all is in balance, unfolding in the order of life for millions of years.

“You cannot rush the impending storm or hide from it any more than you can rush the welcoming sun or hide from its rays when they become too hot. You can bask in the glory of knowing you have weathered both with patience and good cheer and now have come to the day of crystal clarity.

“Patience is life’s reward, allowing you to be in the splendor of the sunshine, the quenching of thirst with the rain, and the peace of the night’s quiet.

“Patience comes from accepting life as it is in the moment.”

At the end of Stone’s message, I wrote, “Wow! Thank you!”


Try This

Think of a personal trait that you want to develop, such as patience.

Take a walk through nature until something “speaks” to you. It may be a stone, feather, tree, etc. Hold the object in your hand, sit on it, lean against it, or in some way be near it. (It you cannot be physically near, you can also do this in your imagination, but that is more difficult.)

Ask the question, “How can I cultivate (fill in the blank)? For example, you might be feeling overwhelmed and you want to let go.  While in nature, you’re drawn to a feather or a bird in flight, so you could ask, “How do I cultivate a sense of freedom?”

Once the question is asked, listen. The answer is available. Trust what comes to you. It’s wise—but not necessary—to have a way to write down what comes.

You also can try this with a friend. In my workshops to develop intuition, we go into nature with a partner, using our intuition to find the right piece of nature and its message for our partner.

© 2015 Diana Rankin

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