Can You Find the Blue Feather?

by Diana Rankin on February 8, 2017

What does the old hide-and-seek game kids play have to do with intuition? One child (we’ll call her Judy) hides while another child (we’ll call her Katie) covers her eyes and counts to 10 or 100 or . . . At the end of counting, Katie shouts out, “Ready or not, here I come.”  Judy stays hidden until Katie finds her, usually within a few minutes, depending on how well both girls use their intuition.

What? What do you mean “depends on how well both girls use their intuition”? If Judy uses her intuition to hide, she will hide in a place that she feels Katie won’t easily find her. Katie, of course, uses her intuition and pretty quickly discovers Judy’s hiding place.

Children naturally use their intuition—until around age five or six. Then, exposure to the greater world starts to shut us down. Pressure from parents to stop living in our imagination, peer pressure to be like everyone else, teachers wanting our intention and scolding us for daydreaming—all contribute to closing off the link to our deeper intuitive self.

As adults, we have to reconnect with our authentic self—our intuitive self. One of the ways to do that is to play intuitive games. Hide-and-seek may not be the game you want to play, but here’s a grownup version. One person hides an object, and the other person has to find it. Be sure to use your intuition to both hide and find the object.

I hide blue feathers in different places around the room in my workshop, Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition. Participants use their intuition during the weekend to find their blue feather. By the end of the weekend, everyone has found a blue feather.

To test yourself using your intuition to find a blue feather, and a few more blue feather stories, click here.

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