Being Intuitive Isn’t Always Easy

by Diana Rankin on May 20, 2015

Enjoy the momentDo you ever feel different from others regardless of how well you try—or may seem—to fit in? Do you feel a little deeper than others feel? See more than others see? Perceive patterns and synchronicities that others ignore? Do you sometimes feel you are too sensitive for this world? If so, congratulations, you’re intuitive!

As much as being intuitive can help us in our lives, it isn’t always easy being so sensitive to the world around us, a requirement for intuition. Highly intuitive people are acutely aware of their surroundings. All five senses are amplified. At times this heightened awareness may overwhelm us, the world may seem harsh, even a normal sound may feel it’s splintering through our spine. And then there’s all that input from the collective consciousness and the spirit world!

According to a recent article by Elizabeth Bernstein in The Wall Street Journal (, “the Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP— [is] someone who responds more intensely to experiences than the average individual. Experts say HSPs process both positive and negative information more thoroughly, and so they can easily become overwhelmed by stimuli. They are acutely aware of sensations, whether of taste, touch, sound or smell. And they are particularly sensitive to emotions—their own and those of others.”

For those of us who are highly sensitive, this isn’t news. We’ve lived with it all our lives, often wondering why the rest of the world didn’t feel the same—and often wishing we weren’t so sensitive. It’s a long—and too often arduous journey—to reach a place of celebration of that sensitivity rather than seeing it as something to run from.

There was a time I ran from myself so hard that I often had to find the nearest exit off L.A. freeways because I was about to pass out. Well into adulthood, my best friend, Anne, and I were walking across the front lawn of my home. “I wish I weren’t so sensitive,” I said.

“Be grateful you are,” Anne said. “It’s what allows you to see life in more colors than most. It’s what allows you to write poetry and to be empathic.” It still took me years to see—and understand—her wisdom.

Now I’ve reached the age where I do celebrate my sensitivity. It allows me to comfort those in pain when I’m able to speak a message of a loved one in spirit world. It allows me to counsel a parent whose child is struggling with sensitivity to provide outlets for the child to express that sensitivity instead of telling them they are like everyone else. It allows me to feel a client’s pain and offer guidance and relief from anxiety.

When I speak to groups, I often ask people to raise their hand in response to this question: Who has at one time felt you didn’t quite fit into this world or your family, or maybe you’ve questioned your own sanity because you thought and felt so differently from so many others? Regardless of how large the audience, nearly everyone raises their hand.

Are you raising your hand? If so, congratulations, you’re intuitive. And now it’s time for you to develop and refine your intuition so you can use that sensitivity to make your life greater and the lives of all beings better.

© 2015 Diana Rankin

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