Anne’s Lamp, a Voice from the Other Side

by Diana Rankin on September 23, 2016

Boy, did I ever receive a beautiful message from a loved one in spirit world today!annes-lamp

When I was younger and lived in California, my best friend was Anne. We were both single for many of those years, so we'd meet for dinner and talk about men, life, art and poetry. Anne was a fine arts painter; I'm a writer, and we were both developing our spiritual beliefs. We’d talk about her heritage, which was Italian, and mine, which is Celtic and Delaware, and what that meant to our journey here on earth. Anne was old enough to be my mother; in fact, her children were my age, but the common ground between Anne and me had more to do with poetry and art and life’s deeper meanings than age.

One evening Anne, another friend, Gini, and I met for dinner. When we parted, Anne let me hug her goodbye, something she rarely allowed. That night she died peacefully in her sleep. Her children gave me a few of her things, including a lamp that I carried to Ohio with me where it sits on the mantle above the fireplace. It’s a round milky globe that reminds me of the magic of a full moon in a darkened sky. In front of it, is a faery from Ireland. They seem to go together.

At first, I knew Anne was near when a light blinked. I’d be sitting at my desk working and a light bulb in the desktop lamp would go on and off, and then it’d stop. “Okay, Anne, if that’s you, make the light blink again,” I’d say, and sure enough the light would blink. I always appreciated these moments of communication. They helped heal my heart at her loss and took away any doubts I had about the continuation of life after life.

This form of communication went on for years . . . until today. I was thinking about Anne, about the hours-long conversations we had and the laughter that always went with them; thinking about how she guided me in my younger years and how often I refer to her wisdom in my work to help others.

I asked her for a favor, to help me reach more people. I was alone, in the east side of the house at the time, starting to walk toward the great room on the west side when the phone rang. It was a new client who wanted to book time for a psychic reading. As we talked, I learned her friends also wanted readings, so we discussed bringing the group together for a psychic party, where I would travel to them and meet with each person individually. We completed our business, and then I walked into the great room. I was still thinking of Anne and of the synchronicity of the new client calling and my asking her for help.

“Thanks, Anne,” I said. I figured she was a part of this, but even if she hadn’t been, gratitude is never wasted. I was smiling when I walked down the hall to the great room, feeling good about my life and any communication Anne and I were having. And then I saw it.

This time there were no blinking lights. There was only one steady light burning in the darkness of a rain-gray morning in a globe of a lamp that sits on the mantle above the fireplace and right behind a faery who once lived in Ireland.

To hear the story told, click here.

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