A Game to Practice Intuition: Use Four Cards

by Diana Rankin on March 30, 2015

Here’s an easy way to test and practice your intuition.

Shuffle a deck of cards. Pull out four cards, but do not look at them. Lay them side-by-side upside down. Take a relaxing breath and ask to tune into your intuition. Ask to be shown the highest card.

Hold your hand over each card for a few moments.

The highest card may cause a tingling sensation or a warm feeling in your hand, or you may have a sense this is the card. You may not have any physical reaction, but just have a slight hunch that this is the highest card. Trust yourself.

Turn the cards over. Were you right? Try again. How many times did you get it right?

You may not succeed at first, but keep working at it. You’ll find yourself jumping for joy once you start guessing the right cards.

© 2015 Diana Rankin; www.dianarankin.com  

Did this game help you? Were you surprised how accurate you were? Your comments are appreciated.   

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