What to Do When an Intuitive Vision Frighten Us

by Diana Rankin on October 14, 2015

When I was a teenager I wrote my first book, and scared the daylights out of myself. Everything I wrote came true only days after I committed the thought to paper. When my mother read the manuscript, it disappeared. I can’t say I was sorry. Intuition can be frightening before we learn how to direct it.

Many clients have contacted me asking about a disaster they saw in a “dream. “ Having a vision of a disaster is disturbing at best, and it doesn’t necessarily get easier with age, which is why it’s important for sensitive people to develop and refine their intuition. When we take charge of tuning in or tuning out that deeper psychic self, we gain valuable information that keeps us safe from harm and helps us be of service to others while at the same time not overwhelming us with information that causes us worry and upset.

I know of hundreds of people who saw the destruction of the Twin Towers days before 9-11. Most handled it with grace, experiencing the vision from the perspective of the high witness, knowing that although they could not stop the horrific disaster they had been given the vision for a purpose, perhaps to say a prayer and send angels to Ground Zero.  Others, unfortunately, were so frightened of the vision that they lost sleep and some became ill over not being able to do anything to stop the disaster.

I did not have a vision about that day, but I did know about it, I later learned from one of my clients. It was in midsummer when she was preparing to leave for an extended visit to England. I told her that while she was out of the country there would be a situation in this country that would upset her. No one she knew would be involved, but she would be unable to contact loved ones on this side of the Atlantic. Later, she told me that this information helped her. She was unable to contact her loved ones on the East Coast, but she kept reminding herself that I said they were not involved. She was comforted until she was able to reach them.

Intuitive information that comes to us—whether in a vision or through other means—is given to us to be helpful to ourselves and/or to others. Our visions can frighten us and we can enter into the drama of the vision, being of help to no one including ourselves, or we can learn to work with our intuition for the highest good of all.

How do we go from being frightened by a vision to using it for the highest good? We begin by asking ourselves two questions:

  1. Is this a vision or a dream?
  2. Is there anything I need to do, and if so, what?

How do we discern a vision from a dream? Visions have a crystal clear clarity. They do not need to be interpreted.  We are aware of witnessing an event.  As the witness, rather than the participant, we are not caught in the emotion of the event. We may experience emotion as we think about the event, but not during the vision. We witness the event from the high witness of our spiritual self.

If we are given a vision before we’ve developed our intuition, we may experience the emotion of the vision, and this may be frightening. In this case, we must remember that we are in charge of what comes to us and through us. Before sleep, we can give ourselves the command that only that which comes from Love may enter our energy. If we are to receive a vision, it must come through our spiritual self, which is Love.

The second question can only be answered if we are willing to lay aside any emotional attachment to the vision. This is where many get tripped up and get caught in the ego and drama. We must be careful here. Having the vision does not mean we must run out and tell everyone. Posting a doomsday vision on Facebook is not wise. This is where council and discernment must be used.

It may be wise to turn to a trusted psychic counselor to help us know what to do. This is often the best course of action when new to receiving visions.  It is also wise to turn to our own inward intuitive counselor and ask ourselves what action, if any, should we take.

Often, the only course of action is to send healing energy and say a prayer for those involved. We have tapped into an event that we have no control over, may never understand, and cannot change that which is to unfold.

In other cases, a vision may be more personal, providing us with a vision of a possible future event allowing us to alter our planned course of action, directing us to a more reliable course, or even giving us hope that the future we desire will be ours.

© 2015 Diana Rankin

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