The Spirit Ally

by Diana Rankin on March 31, 2016

The Spirit Ally

Life is always easier if we have a friend to count on. The same is true when we’re working with spirit world, whether trying to contact loved ones who have passed over or looking for information from a higher source to help guide our lives.

The ally is a bridge between this mundane world that we live in and the higher realm of the spiritual world. For religions and spiritual traditions around the world, the ally takes different forms. For Christians, for example, the ally could be an angel, Mother Mary, or Jesus. For shamans, the ally may be a totem, a spirit animal; for Hindus, the ally may be a god or goddess, Ganesha or Lakshmi, for example; for ancient people, the ally also might have been a deity, especially those who govern nature; for me, my ally is a spirit guide. I call him Phillip.

Our ally is an inner guru, a teacher and guide who can help us learn the language of the other worlds. The ally can help us work through a difficult time or help us create and receive that which we desire. They hear our prayers and pleas as we call out for help or give gratitude for that which life has granted us. The ally is also a protector who keeps us safe as we experience energies of which we are not always familiar and some of which are wise to avoid.

How do you find your ally?  If you follow a specific religion, you may choose to call on a deity. For those of us who consider ourselves spiritual, but not religious, I suggest a spirit guide, but not just any guide. I always tell those who study with me to ask for the spirit guide who is the communicator. We all travel through this life with a team — guides, teachers, angels, and other assorted beings who we chose and who chose us before we entered this plane. There are those who stay with us our entire life and those who join the team temporary when we have specific needs.

With all members of our team, it is a symbiotic relationship; we help them as they help us. This isn’t to say that all members of our team are equal in knowledge and experience. Far from it. What good is a teacher and guide if that being knows less that we do? We’re tuning into some of the highest beings available to us. Lucky us!

But what happens when more than one member of our team is “talking” to us at the same time? About the same thing that happens when you and I and a dozen or so other folks are all expressing our opinions at the same time. It can be a bit daunting, if not downright confusing to the listener. Thus, the communicator. I filter everyone through Phillip. This way, I hear one voice, and I trust that he has taken into consideration what everyone else has had to contribute.

How do you find out who your communicator is and how do you meet? In my Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition workshop, we spend an evening together working on the energy that will help us open to meeting our spirit guide communicator. Certainly being in a workshop energy is helpful, but you can meet your spirit communicator on your own as well.

For some people, it’s more comfortable to begin by working with a loved one who has passed over. If this is your choice, always ask to work with that person’s highest self to assure that you gain helpful knowledge from the spiritual self and not the personality self.

For most of us, we want to begin with the spirit guide who our team (us included) has designated as the communicator, the team leader so to speak. Often, but not always, this is a male energy. The reason is that the male energy is the outward expression while the female energy is the inward expression. It’s also because the communicator is often a former teacher from previous lives. That’s what Phillip is for me. (On a side note: Phillip works with many participants in the Awakening workshop, which I think is cool.)

To meet your spirit communicator, put your journal or a blank book beside your bed, along with a pen or pencil. Before falling asleep, give yourself the suggestion that you will meet your spirit communicator tonight. You will be awakened around 4:00 a.m., the time when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest. Without coming fully awake, pick up your journal and begin writing. It doesn’t matter what you write. It’s the act of writing that takes you deeper into yourself. The monkey mind (the busy mind) may interfere as you wake. That’s okay, just keep writing. It may take four or five pages.

Eventually you will experience a subtle energy. You may even hear a tone inside your ears. Keep writing. At some point invite your spirit guide communicator to connect with you via this method. Start asking questions, including, “Is this my spirit guide communicator?” and, “What shall I call you?” If at any time you feel uncomfortable or that an energy other than that which holds you and all beings in the highest good, say a prayer, banning anything unlike love from coming to you. Then return to writing.

Most communicators have a sense of humor. Phillip told me he was the second name down in my name book under “Ps.” Another communicator told one of the participants in my workshop that his name was Henri, but she would know him as Henry. She was doubtful until she stopped at a gas station on the way home from the workshop and the man who pulled in behind her was named Henry.

Once you meet your communicator, you then want to start building a relationship, just as you do with any new friend. Spend time talking in your journal and in your mind. Share the beauty of a sunrise or ask the communicator for guidance.

If you do not immediately meet your spirit communicator, try again. Having an ally in spirit world is well worth the time and effort.

© 2015 Diana Rankin

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