Should You Fear Intuition?

by Diana Rankin on April 15, 2015

GrowIntuition is as common as is breathing, and should not be feared. That said, however, if we go into the deeper psychic energy we must take measures to protect ourselves. What’s the difference between the intuition we use every day and psychic energy?

Intuition is innate within each of us. It’s that hunch or gut instinct that leads us in the right direction. As we develop and refine intuition, we deepen in awareness of our own insight into life; we become more aware of the answers that come to us as we learn to read the clues. As we deepen intuition we start to move into the psychic energy. It is here that we may encounter negative as well as positive information. We are simply becoming more sensitive to other people’s energy, the collective energy, and energy emitting from Earth and the universe.

Poets and artists as well as psychics and other sensitive souls have this awareness of the energies, which allows us to tap into a greater consciousness. Some psychics are also mediums, which allows us to communicate with people and animals who have passed into what some call death, and what I call the spirit world.

It is when delving into the deeper consciousness and/or the spirit world that we do need to protect ourselves. Not everyone lives with grace and love in this life, and we don’t immediately become all loving the minute we leave this body and move into spirit world. Although love will always trump fear, there is evil energy that you don’t want – or need – to encounter. How do you avoid it?

We protect ourselves by simply evoking love in the form that is most comfortable for each of us. For example, this is the prayer that I was taught by one of my teachers, Angel Gail Konz, whom I met when I attended Jean Houston’s East Coast Mystery School. It’s a simple, yet powerful prayer that I teach participants in my workshop, Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition: “I know I am protected by the Divine Light of the Christ.”

Say the prayer with conviction and see this Divine Light encompassing you, infusing you with Divine Love. If this prayer is not the right one for you, that’s okay. Follow your own heart to find the prayer that is right for you.

Remember, we are the one in charge. It is up to us to be in a place of love rather than fear.

Fear can awaken intuition, but we don’t want to stay in the fear. Let’s say you’re in a parking garage when suddenly you feel fearful. What do you do? Take a breath and say the prayer of protection, which helps you move into a place of love where you are better able to read your intuition and know what steps to take to keep you safe.

What about non-human entities in the ethers? Should you be afraid of them? No. Entities are forms of fear energy that feed on fear. If you are plagued by fear, you need to work on your life to expunge fear from your thoughts, exchanging fearful thoughts for ones of love. There is nothing that can enter your energy unless you allow it to. Remember, you are in charge of your life. If at any time, you feel fearful, say a prayer of protection, and say it with intent and feeling. Say it over and over until love overtakes any fear you may be experiencing.

I love the simplicity of that which A Course In Miracles teaches us about fear. It says that all emotion comes from either fear or love. The unfolding of the understanding of that thought is complex, but when I’m caught in fear, I can remind myself of the simple thought that there is only fear or love, and I can move into a place of love.

As we develop intuition, we actually feel safer in life. More and more we’ll want to move away from the drama caused by fear and live in the love that is truly life. We’ll come more and more to rely on intuition to guide us, keeping us always safe and in life’s grace.

© 2015 Diana Rankin

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