Listen to Yourself . . . Really  

by Diana Rankin on March 31, 2016

Those small whisperings of wisdom may save you from yourself.

A few weeks ago, while raking leaves, I told myself to check the house key I keep hidden just to make sure it was still there. Of course it would be there, I reasoned. I’ve never moved it, so why wouldn’t it be there? Now, reason is not my top priority when it comes to listening to myself, intuition is. Sometimes though, like when I’m down-to-the-grindstone-busy and tired from a day of yard work, I chose reason over intuition.

I’m a bit ashamed to say this psychic didn’t listen to her own intuition that day or take the advice I’ve given countless others. I didn’t check for the hidden house key. I just assumed that it was where I had hidden it 17 years before and never had cause to use it, because I’ve never—never—locked myself out.  At least not until the next day.

Feeling a bit under the weather from overdoing the leaf raking, I had about all I could take of staring at the computer screen while coughing, sneezing, and quickly using up a box of tissues that served to make my nose red.  I decided fresh air would do me good, so I bundled up and headed out for a walk with the dogs.  We weren’t going far, just down the lane for the mail and across the field to the meadow and back. There was no reason to lock the door, so I didn’t.

The fresh air did help me breathe easier and un-muddle my brain a bit. Fortunately, it had warmed up from the morning’s icy rain and the wind was quiet. Still it was cold, and even though I looked more like a penguin than a person, I nonetheless was chilled and most grateful to be rounding up the dogs and heading inside. The only problem was I couldn’t get inside. The door was locked, and I didn’t have a key.

This didn’t make sense to me. I hadn’t locked the door. Of that I was certain, but nonetheless the door was locked. I had gone out through the garage door, something I do several times a day. It never dawned on me to make sure the door was unlocked. There are two locks on the door, but the only one I have ever used is the top lock, a deadbolt, which takes a key. The bottom lock doesn’t, so I’ve never used it precisely because it would be too easy to accidently lock myself out by turning the button wrong.  But by some twist of it’s-far-beyond-me-to-understand, the bottom lock was locked. The door handle wouldn’t even turn, not one fraction of an inch. I was locked out.

Frustration had not yet started to build. I’d just use the key I had hidden outside. I was grumbling a little when I went to fetch the hidden key. I was ready to be inside with a hot cup of tea in my hand. I bent over and reached deep into the hiding place. But, there was no key. My mind couldn’t comprehend that, wouldn’t comprehend. No key. Panic was starting to roar up as the realization of my predicament came to me like a herd of deer running away from a gunshot. I was locked out, I didn’t have a back-up plan, and a storm was on its way.

Here I was outside in the increasing cold with no way to get in. I wanted to break down in tears, but that wasn’t going to get me inside. No, I had to come up with an answer and fast. The wind was whipping up and my chill was deepening. I was also beating up on myself for not listening to my intuition the day before when I told myself to check on the hidden key.

Fortunately, I had my cell phone and I wasn’t the only person with a key to my house. One friend was an hour away, but the pet sitter was only 15 minutes down the road. All worked out well, and within 30 minutes I was inside with that hot cup of tea.

I never did figure out how the lock got locked, or what happened to the once hidden key. I did make a promise to myself that in the future I will always—always—listen to those small whisperings of wisdom that have guided my life safely over many a peril that I dig myself into. I suggest you do the same—Listen to Yourself.

©2015 Diana Rankin

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