An Easy Way to See Your Aura

by Diana Rankin on July 13, 2015

Hand-AuraIn my workshop, Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition, participants always want to know how to see their aura. Every time, everyone is able to see their etheric body, which extends an inch or so past the physical body. Additionally, many are able to see the colors of their aura, the field of energies that surround our human bodies and can extend up to several feet out from the physical body.

Here’s one of the methods we use:

Spread a soft dark cloth, such as a velvet or felt, across the floor or a table. Dim the lights. Then put your hand about an inch above the cloth. Open your fingers to their widest range and slowly move them back and forth. Look with soft eyes by allowing your eyes to go out of focus. If you wear glasses, removing them works.

As you move your fingers back and forth, you’ll begin to notice a subtle, soft white shadow around your fingers. This is the etheric body. As you continue to watch your hand, you may notice different colors as well white moving out from your hand and fingers in a much wider arch. This is your aura.

You can use this same method in a darkened room such as a bedroom. It works well when you are in a relaxed, drifting state such as right before sleep or when you first wake.

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